West Central Research and Outreach Center - Morris, MN

West Central Research and Outreach Center
46352 State Hwy 329
Morris, MN 56267
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Phone: 320-589-1711
Fax: 320-589-4870


WCROC-hort-gardens-AAS-rightThe University of Minnesota Gardens were first established in 1920 on the current University of Minnesota-Morris campus. They were moved to their present location in 1973. Since 1990, the gardens have been an All-American Selections display site. Today, the Gardens have grown to include plantings and research from several locations around the world.

Look, smell and touch but please do not pick, dig, or cut. In addition to having the display gardens available for your enjoyment, the University of Minnesota is continually conducting research on the flowers and landscape plantings.

Maps for a self-guided tour are available on the grounds. Most plants are identified by small tags. Please call with questions, to plan a special tour, or if you wish to provide financial support.

Hours: Open daily sunrise to sunset all year.