Horticulture Display Garden News: Fall 2016

2016 Top Ten Performing Annuals

Zinnia Solmar RoseHundreds of cultivars are trialed each growing season in the Horticulture Display Garden.  Plants are evaluated three to four times in order to assess performance.  Near the end of the season, we review all data in order to determine the top ten performers in the annual flower trial.  A Top Ten winner must receive all 5's at each evaluation, and appear to be a promising cultivar for Minnesota.  Curious which cultivars made the Top Ten list?  Results published here

Nitrogen Credit from Legume Cover Crops in High Tunnel Production: WCROC High Tunnel Research Project

Season-extending high tunnel production has been expanding rapidly across the U.S.  However, high tunnel production can also bring about some unusual soil health problems.  The high tunnel project currently underway at the WCROC evaluates short-lived, fall planted cover crop legumes as a way to improve soil quality and fertility, specifically related to organic pepper production.  Read more.

Native Prairie Grasses and Flowers

Native Prairie at the WCROCOne hundred years ago, the entire western third of Minnesota was native prairie.  Today, only remnants remain comprising less than 1% of the original acreage.  Native plants can adapt to local climate and soil conditions; once established, they require little care.  The pollen, nectar, and seeds produced by native plants benefit local wildlife and attract birds, bees, and butterflies.  Read more.

Underutilized Plants

From Tithonia to Scaevola to Dakota Gold Helenium, we've pulled together a list of plants that people don't often use, but should consider trying because of their beautiful blooms and ability to grow in difficult locations. Underutilized Plants.

Marketing and Outreach

Horticulture Night 2016Summer 2016 was a busy one in the Garden!  Recap Horticulture Night (including the flowers that earned the distinction of being a Consumer Favorite!) and the Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Event.   View a schedule for our upcoming Come Grow with Us education series.  Marketing and Outreach.

Q&A: Fall Lawn Care

Is it too late to fertilize my lawn?  What mowing height should I keep my lawn at before winter?  Should leaves be raked off of the lawn or mulched with a mower?  Sam Bauer, U of MN Extension Educator offers fall lawn care tips.

Growing Garlic in Minnesota

Garlic (Allium sativum L.), a member of the onion family, has been cultivated for thousands of years and is widely used for both its culinary and medicinal attributes. As Americans have become more accustomed to garlic flavor and knowledgeable about the many health benefits of eating garlic, popularity of this crop has increased.  U of MN Extension experts have put together a list of favorable garlic varieites for Minnesota gardens, along with nutrient needs, when to harvest, where to buy garlic seed, and how to store garlic.  Growing Garlic in Minnesota.

Garden Memorials and Donations: April 28, 2016-September 14, 2016

It has been a fantastic and busy year, and we are grateful to all who have made it possible through their financial support.  We look forward to working with you in the year ahead!  Garden Memorials and Donations.