Thank you to all who gave financially to the Horticulture Display Garden from April 28, 2016 through September 14, 2016.  Your support is much appreciated!

Garden Memorials and Donations Apr 28, 2016 - Sept 14, 2016

In Memory of Evelyn Davison

by Elizabeth Ascheman, Morris, MN

by LeAnn Lindquist Dean, Morris, MN

by Dosdall Farms, John & Diane Dosdall, Hancock, MN

by Bernice Erdahl, Morris, MN

by Frank & Jessica Forcella, Morris, MN

by Margie Fridgen, Wheaton, MN

by Wanda Gramm, Hancock, MN

by Irene Henjum, Morris, MN

by Dennis & Carole Johnson, Morris, MN

by Dr. David Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

by Lee & Judy Johnston, Morris, MN

by Kleinman Realty Company, Minneapolis, MN

by Tom & Lisa Loew, Morris, MN

by Morris Community Band, Morris, MN

by Robin Mc Namar, Elbow Lake, MN

by Rebecca & Todd Nadgwick, Kensington, MN

by Margie & Larry Nelson, Morris, MN

by Virginia Perreault, Morris, MN

by Londa Rambow, Morris, MN

by Don & Joan Reicosky, Morris, MN

by Cheryl Rempel & Nancy Carpenter, Morris, MN

by Paul & Joyce Rentz, Morris, MN

by Linda Retzlaff, Morris, MN

by Bill & Phyllis Rickmeyer, Morris, MN

by Mary Ann Scharf, Saint Peter, MN

by Gerald & Sylvia Schmidt, Morris, MN

by Kermit & Karen Stahn, Morris, MN

by Peggy Suess, Morris, MN

by Steve & Sandy Tollefson, Farwell, MN

by Tri-State Band, Morris, MN

by Francie & Thomas Turner, Morris, MN

by Carol & Ward Voorhees, Morris, MN

by Evelyn Warnes, Morris, MN

by Carol Wilcox, Morris, MN

In Memory of Carrol J. Riley-DeGier

by Marjorie Poppe & David Poppe, Morris, MN

In Memory of Arni Carlson

by Linda & Glen Huebner, Kensington, MN

Given to the Heritage Garden

by Ruth Spohr, Morris, MN

For the Horticulture Development Fund

by Ag Resource Inc., Detroit Lakes, MN

by Donald & Susan Anderson, New London, MN

by Warrenn & Jeri Anderson, Morris, MN

by Daniel & Patricia Benson, Murdock, MN

by Tim & Marilyn Beyer, Holloway, MN

by Diane Borgendale, Montevideo, MN

by Jarl & LaVay Borresen, Spicer, MN

by Avis Brandt, Morris, MN

by Helen Busch, Chokio,  MN

by Lhyne Campion, Alexandria, MN

by Nancy Carpenter, Morris, MN

by Dennis & Linda Dahl, Morris, MN

by Celena Davis, Morris, MN

by Keith Davison, Morris, MN

by Maureen & Daniel Devereaux, Minneapolis, MN

by Jim & Sue Dieter, Morris, MN

by Ansel Doll, Appleton, MN

by Eddie & Pat Dummer, Alexandria, MN

by Jim & Anne Eidsvold, Alexandria, MN

by Karen & Steve Ellis, Barrett, MN

by Frank & Jessica Forcella, Morris, MN

by Jerry & Janice Freese, Morris, MN

by Lynn Glesne, Miltona, MN

by Green Thumb Garden Club, Kerkhoven, MN

by Joanne Hagstrom, Morris, MN

by James & Gladys Henricks, Morris, MN

by Mike & LaVonne Holland, Glenwood, MN

by Maurice Holslin, Alberta, MN

by Hooters Lumber Inc., Chokio, MN

by Michael & Adelle Jacoby, Hector, MN

by Edna Johnson, Wheaton, MN

by David & Collen Johnsrud, Starbuck, MN

by Lee & Judy Johnston, Morris, MN

by Mike Juenemann, Granite Falls, MN

by Luann Keifer, Rosholt, SD

by Gretchen Kemp, Wheaton, MN

by Audrey Knollenberg, Alexandria, MN

by Russ & Beth Koehl, Morris, MN

by Lady Slipper Garden Club, Perham, MN

by Michael & Rhonda Lair, Morris, MN

by Morris Kiwanis Club, Morris, MN

by Ron Larson, Montevideo, MN

by Lory Lemke & Pieranna Garavaso, Morris, MN 

by George & Shirley Libbon, Chokio, MN

by Evelyn Lindstrom, Morris, MN

by Dian & Andy Lopez, Alexandria, MN

by Barbara McGinnis, Morris, MN

by James Allen & Catherine McGinnis, Hutchinson, MN

by Richard & Kathy Moen, Alexandria, MN

by Jennifred Nellis, Morris, MN

by Margie & Larry Nelson, Morris, MN

by New London Garden Club, Spicer, MN

by Dan & Brenda Oleson, Montevideo, MN

by Murray & Bev Peterson, Marshall, MN

by Jean Porter, Tintah, MN

by Larry & Wendy Ringgenberg, Morris, MN

by Mary Ann Scharf, St. Peter, MN

by Delvin Scheldorf, Chokio, MN

by Harold & LaVonne Schlieman, Morris, MN

by Randy, Karla, Luke Schmiesing, Chokio, MN

by Warren & Corryn Schoenherr, Morris, MN

by John Schultz, Morris, MN

by Don & Phyllis Shaw, Spicer, MN

by Mary Smith, Glenwood, MN

by Jo Solvie, Morris, MN

by Kathryn Thompson, Minneapolis, MN

by Scott & Lisa Torness, Big Stone City, SD

by James & Sharon Van Alstine, Morris, MN

by Charles & Christine Volz, Raymond, MN

by Darrell & Cheryl Walton, Morris, MN

by Rev Dr Mari Larson & Gary Werbowski, Cottonwood, AZ

For the Horticulture Garden Pavilion

by Sara & David Thronsedt, Fergus Falls, MN

by Joan Olson, Canby, MN