Horticulture Display Garden News: Fall 2017

2017 Top Ten Performing Annual Flowers

One of the largest and most impressive displays of annual flower varieties and cultivars in the Upper Midwest is at the U of MN WCROC Horticulture Display Garden in Morris.  Only the highest rating cultivars earn the distinction of a Top Ten Performing Annual for Minnesota.  2017 Top Ten

Indian Grass - A Tough Native Plant

Indian grass is an underused native grass.  Found throughout the U.S., Indian grass grows on a wide range of soils, but prefers loamy rich, wet to mesic sites.  We typically find Indian grass growing along roadsides and in prairie remnants throughout Minnesota.  Indian grass

Fall is Best

Flowering kale, ornamental grasses, fall sedums, trees, and shrubs - enjoy all that the fall season has to offer!  Fall is Best

Outreach and Events

A recap of our annual Horticulture Night, including which annuals were voted as Consumer Favorites in the Horticulture Display Garden.  Donors and volunteers were honored during our appreciation event, which included acknowledging the retirement of Bernie Angus, our landscape gardener.  Outreach and Events

Protecting Trees and Shrubs Against Winter Damage

Minnesota's harsh climate is often responsible for severe damage to landscape plants.  Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can bleach and desiccate evergreen foliage, damage bark, and injure or kill branches, flowerbuds, and roots.  Snow and ice can break branches and topple entire trees.  Winter food shortages force rodents and deer to feed on bark, twigs, flowerbuds, and foliage, injuring and sometimes killing trees and shrubs.  All is not bleak, however, as landscape plants can be protected to minimize some of this injury.  Protecting Against Winter Damage