Fall is Best

Tom Holm, Greenhouse Manager

Fall happens to be my favorite season! While some of the annual flowers such as the day-sensitive petunias are going downhill, other annuals are becoming more vivid and beautiful as the temperatures decline. 

Flowering KaleFlowering kale provide nice fall color. Tithonia’s are still blooming and just in season for the butterflies, both painted lady and monarchs, that are getting ready to travel south. We have both the blue and red salvia (hummingbird sage) in our yard, and the hummingbirds have been a joy to watch as they feed and chase each other away from the plants. 

Let’s not forget the perennials that are gracing us with color during the fall months. The ornamental grasses are beautiful as they color up and wave in the breeze. Fall sedums, such as Autumn Joy, are not only very showy, but are also great for the pollinators. Probably the best known perennial for fall is the mum, and there are lots of great colors to grace our fall beds and displays. Even the vines such as Engelmann Ivy get in on the wonderful color act. Solidago or Goldenrods and Asters come into their glory in the fall, too.

We can also enjoy the fall colors on our shrubs, such as the Burning Bush which turns scarlet. Others I enjoy are Sumacs, late blooming Hydrangeas, and the Aronias or Chokeberry which all give us a great color. 

There are many trees which give us a glory of color in the fall. Maple trees are stunning, and the Oaks often hold their red or golden leaves well into the season, and sometimes into winter. Many of the Linden and Birch trees turn golden. We love the Red Splendor Crab and Mountain Ash in our yard as they both hold their bright berries and are such a joy to the migrating birds both in the fall and spring. 

Fall with its fewer mosquitoes, cooler temperatures, and wonderful colors is the best season of the year in my book!