Horticulture Display Garden News: Fall 2018

2018 Top Ten Performing Annuals

One of the largest and most impressive displays of annual flower varieties and cultivars in the Upper Midwest is at the U of MN WCROC Horticulture Display Garden in Morris. Only the highest rating cultivars earn the distinction of a Top Ten Performing Annual for Minnesota. 2018 Top Ten

Bringing in your Plants for Winter

It is time to get ready for fall and the cooler temperatures that go along with it. Part of that is bringing in the plants you want to save over winter. You should bring them in when night temperatures are regularly in the 45-50 degree range. Tropical plants are especially tender and can suffer damage even at 40 degrees. Plants for Winter

Refresh your Garden Daylilies

Daylilies are found in most landscape gardens throughout Minnesota and for good reason. They are low maintenance, very hardy, and put on a great show when they are in full bloom during the mid-summer. However, after they have completed their blooming cycle, daylilies tend to become unsightly in the garden. Refresh your Garden Daylilies

Outreach & Events

A recap of our annual Horticulture Night which drew a record-breaking crowd in 2018! Find out which annuals were voted as Consumer Favorites in the Horticulture Display Garden. Donors and volunteers were honored during our appreciation event, along with the dedication of our new pond berm garden. Outreach and Events

Fun facts about your First Kiss (Apple)

Well, not your first kiss exactly, but your first, "First Kiss®"! It's the name of the new commercial apple introduced to Minnesotans by the University of Minnesota. Here's the beauty of this scarlet red beauty: First Kiss® tastes like Honeycrisp, but, lucky for the fans of this popular apple, it is ready to harvest earlier. First Kiss

Five cover crops to try this fall after vegetables

It is time to shop for fall-planted cover crops to sow following the vegetable harvest. Fall cover crops benefit vegetable production in numerous ways, including soil building, erosion control, weed suppression, beneficial insect habitat, and nitrogen fixation. Five Cover Crops

Fall cleanup: Key to reducing risk for next year's plant disease

Cool weather is a reminder that fall is not far away and soon gardeners will be preparing the landscape for winter. Many plant pathogens are able to survive winter in gardens in infected leaves, flowers, branches, and fruit. Gardeners can reduce the risk of plant disease next year by following a few steps to do a thorough fall garden clean up. Fall cleanup

Lots of weeds in the grass? Make your lawn weed-resistant this Fall

What did this summer's heat and rain mean for weeds in our lawns? Created more of them! All it takes is above average air and soil temperatures combined with timely rains throughout the summer months like it did this year, and the end result will be more summer annual grassy weeds. Weed-resistant lawn



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