Refresh your Garden Daylilies

Rob Yost, Landscape Gardener

September 2018

Daylilies are found in most landscape gardens throughout Minnesota and for good reason.  They are low maintenance, very hardy, and put on a great show when they are in full bloom during the mid-summer.  However, after they have completed their blooming cycle, daylilies tend to become unsightly in the garden.

Fortunately, daylilies are as tough as nails and can withstand a good trim to refresh your garden for the remainder of the summer season.  I want to share with you a tip that I use on my own daylilies in my home garden.  In late July to mid-August as your daylilies begin to show decline, take your hedge sheers and cut your daylilies back to the ground.  Remove all foliage and spent blooms.  (The pictures below were taken on July 23, 2017)

Daylilies        Daylilies

I use the plant clippings as a weed barrier in my vegetable garden and later till them into the soil.  This also a great time to topdress around your daylilies with woodmulch.  In just three weeks, your daylilies will regrow and once again begin to rebloom.  Albeit, not as intense as earlier in the season, daylilies will provide you with flowers throughout the summer for your enjoyment (the picture below shows the same set of daylilies on August 14, 2017). Best thing though, come next spring, you won’t have to do any spring cleanup to your daylilies because it’s already done.