Horticulture Display Garden News: Fall 2019

The 2019 Top Ten Performing Annual Flowers from the U of MN

One of the largest and most impressive displays of annual flower varieties and cultivars in the Upper Midwest is at the U of MN WCROC Horticulture Display Garden in Morris. Only the highest ranking cultivars earn the distinction of a Top Ten Performing Annual for Minnesota. 2019 Top Ten

Yellowing Shrub and Tree Leaves? Diagnosing and Treating Iron Chlorosis

Have you noticed unhealthy leaf coloring in either your shrubs or trees? If both new and old leaf growth is yellow and the veins are bright green, the culprit might be iron chlorosis. This disease is caused by a lack of iron uptake which leads to photosynthesis not occurring at the rate that it should. This will ultimately lead to the death of the plant. But don’t worry! Iron chlorosis can be treated and the plant can make a full recovery. Iron Chlorosis

Improving Shrub Health by Pruning

When thinking of why to prune shrubs, many people would say the main reason is to manage the shape and appearance of the plant. However, that is just one out of a long list of beneficial reasons to keep up on pruning. Other benefits include the plant producing more flowers, have a healthier and more vibrant leaf color, higher tolerance to damage and removal of unhealthy biomass. Pruning Shrubs

Vegetable Garden Crop Rotation

Rotation where you plant each type of crop in the vegetable garden is easily overlooked but very important. Planting the same crop in the same soil year after year can lead to major disease issues such as blight outbreaks and also depletes micronutrients in the soil. Each family of vegetable crops has specific micronutrient requirements and unique microbial activity happening amongst the roots. Rotating crops helps to balance out which nutrients are being over-used and to diversify the microbe community which improves soil health. Vegetable Crop Rotation

Outreach and Events

Despite the threat of thunderstorms and rain, our 49th annual Horticulture Night was a huge success! Visitors gathered for horticulture education, farm tours, vendor booths, and live music. Also read up on highlights from our Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Event held near the end of August. Outreach and Events

Make Way for Pollinators: An Update on our Native Restoration Project

The 17-acres between the Pomme de Terre Overlook and the Pomme de Terre City Park continues to take shape into a native prairie site. All trees and unwanted shrubs have been removed, leaving behind a barren-looking landscape, but this step is essential to the success of the restoration. Native Restoration Update

Bathrooms in the Garden: Soon to be a Reality!

For the past six years, we diligently sought to raise the necessary funds for a Garden Pavilion.  Thanks to many donors, we were able to raise $182,000 toward the project.  Through the course of fundraising, we spoke with many people including our donors.  We learned the Pavilion project we had in mind didn’t quite match up with the interest of a majority of our donors.  However, one idea that kept surfacing was the need for bathrooms in the Garden. In response to what we’ve heard, we changed our plan, and are moving ahead with construction of a restroom facility. Garden Bathrooms

Low Yields in Pumpkins and Winter Squash this Year

We've heard multiple reports of pumpkin and squash plants not producing well this year. Some plants have no fruit at all, and others have lower yields than usual. If this happened in your garden, there are a few explanations, which Natalie Hoidal, U of MN Extension Education, addresses. Low Yields

Should I Mulch, Or Bag My Leaves This Fall?

Many homeowners wonder if they should be collecting and removing tree leaves from their lawns prior to mowing, or if the tree leaves can be mulched (mown) into the lawn. Like many recommendations for lawn management decisions, this one can also be answered with the phrase, "it depends." U of MN Extension Educator, John Trappe, answers the question Should I Mulch, Or Bag My Leaves This Fall?