Organic Dairy Day

August 11, 2020

Our 2020 Organic Dairy Day will be held virtually. Follow along with Brad Heins, WCROC Dairy Scientist, as he takes us through a few of the newest projects with the organic dairy herd at the WCROC. All segments have been pre-recorded, and will be made available on August 11 beginning at 10 am. Feel free to watch them all back-to-back, or pick and choose your topic of interest. 


Brad Heins   Welcome to Organic Dairy Day, with Brad Heins, WCROC Dairy Scientist



Calves on cows   Calf rearing: individual calf hutches, group housing, auto feeders, and raising calves on cows



Shading for cows   Solar shading: using solar panels to provide shade for the grazing herd 



Genetics   Genetics: breeding for A2 milk



Additional Info

  • Check out the newest podcast, The Moos Room, for all the latest in dairy extension for MN farmers
  • Follow along with Brad's research and the dairy herd on Instagram (@umnwcrocdairy)

For questions or comments, please contact Brad Heins at

Organic Dairy Day