Deep Winter Greenhouse Tour 2016

David Fluegel, Executive Director, Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

Deep winter greenhouseThe Univeristy of Minnesota (U of MN) Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) and the Sustainable Farming Association’s (SFA) Deep Winter Producers Networking Group are presenting a nine tour series of deep winter greenhouses across the region. The kickoff starts with the Minnesota Organic Conference Passive Solar Deep Winter Greenhouses Workshop (facilitated by Carol Ford, SW RSDP DWG Coordinator/Garden Goddess Produce) on January 7, 2016. The culminating wrap-up session will be at the SFA Annual Conference on February 13, 2016.

Deep winter greenhouseAll of the tours are free-of-charge.  Visit the SFA Deep Winter Greenhouse Tour website for more information.

Connect with the Deep Winter Producers Association on Facebook, or visit the Deep Winter Greenhouses website.

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