MFEC Presentations

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June 17-19, 2015

Wednesday, June 17

Energy Use in Swine Production Systems 

    • Dr. Larry Jacobson, Professor, U of MN Dept. of Bioproducts and Biosystems   

Lowering Energy Consumption by Reduction of Temperature in Swine Facilities  

    • Dr. Lee Johnston, Professor, U of MN Dept. of Animal Science and WCROC  

Lighting the Farm with Energy-Efficient Technologies  

    • Scott Sanford, U of WI - Madison    

Control Strategies and Considerations for Livestock and Other Farm Buildings

    • Dr. Kevin Janni, Professor, U of MN Dept. of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering   

New Opportunities for Solar Energy in Minnesota 

    • Ms. Lissa Pawlisch, Director, Clean Energy Resource Teams, U of MN 

Keynote Speaker: Steve Peterson, Director of Sourcing Sustainability at General Mills

    • "What is the Carbon Footprint of your Farm, and why it will be Important"

Thursday, June 18

Panel - Incentives, Grants, and Loans for Renewable and Energy Efficient Systems  

                Utility Rebate and CIP Programs for Farms

    • Mr. Ryan Rooney, Member Services Director, Runestone Electric Association
    • Mr. Yusef Orest, Member Services Director, Agralite Electric Association
    • Mr. Jacob Selseth, Great River Energy

                State of Minnesota Solar and Other Programs

    • Stacy Miller, Solar Policy Specialist, MN Dept. of Commerce

USDA REAP Grant and Loan Program

    • Ron Omann, USDA Rural Development

Energy Usage in Dairy Production Systems 

    • Dr. Brad Heins, Assistant Professor of Dairy, U of MN WCROC  

Integrating Energy-Efficient and Renewable Energy Systems in Midwest Dairies 

    • Mr. Eric Buchanan, Renewable Energy Scientist, U of MN WCORC

The Life Cycle of Energy in Midwest Dairies

    • Dr. Joel Tallaksen, Renewable Energy Scientist, U of MN WCROC

Economic Feasibility of Solar Electric Systems at MN Dairies

    • Dr. Arne Kildegaard, Professor of Economics, U of MN Morris