2017 MFEC Presentations

Power point presentations (PDF's) and video recordings (housed on the WCROC YouTube channel) from the 2017 Midwest Farm Energy Conference will be posted as they become available.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Optimizing Energy Production and Use for a Net-Zero Dairy (Eric Buchanan, U of MN WCROC)

WCROC Dairy Life Cycle Models (Joel Tallaksen, U of MN WCROC)

Utilizing Dairy Wastewater for Sustainable Production of Energy, Feed, and Food (Rob Gardner, U of MN WCROC)

Using Renewable Energy in Dairy Production (Brad Heins, U of MN WCROC)

Wednesday, June 14

The Future of Energy Use on Swine Farms (Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc.)

Our Noble Purpose (Adam Barka, Christensen Farms)

Great River Energy Demand Side Management Overview (Jeff Haase, Great River Energy)

Understanding Energy Conservation in Swine Production (Jay Harmon, Iowa State University)

Electric and Thermal Energy Consumption in Commercial Swine Facilities (Kirsten Sharpe, U of MN WCROC)

Reducing Fossil Fuel Use in Swine Production - One Piece at a Time (Lee Johnston, U of MN WCROC)

CERTS: Minnesotans Building a Clean Energy Future (Fritz Ebinger, CERTs)

Electric and Thermal Energy Strategies for Minnesota Swine Farms: Finance and Economics (Mike Reese, U of MN WCROC)