Military Family Learning Network

August 19, 2015

By Sara Croymans, Extension Educator, Family Resiliency

The Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) serves military family service professionals through engaged online communities which identify and make use of the highest quality, best practices, research-and evidence-based information, educational and curriculum materials, and programming activities and efforts.

The primary concentration areas for the MFLN are Personal Finance, Military Caregiving, Family Development, Community Capacity Building, Child Care, Family Transitions, Nutrition and Wellness and Network Literacy. The Military Families Learning Network is made up of Cooperative Extension family specialists and military family service professionals from the Department of Defense, branch services, and non-governmental organizations. These online communities engage in various places, like Facebook and Twitter. This learning network offers professional development opportunities through web conferencing and online asynchronous learning modules.

The University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development provides leadership for the Family Transitions concentration area. We provide education and resources for professionals working with military families to build resilience and navigate life cycle transitions. Our goal is for military families to increase their self-reliance and navigate each transition more successfully than the last. The MFLN Family Transitions concentration area team encourages helping professionals to share, discuss, and collaborate on issues unique to the military family experience. Learn more about MFLT Transitions at families/life-cycle-transition-support/.

Check out our webinars:

We invite you to engage with us and your colleagues in conversations on military life cycle issues such as marriage, having children, and retirement in the context of military family transition experiences ranging from frequent relocations, deployment, and reintegration. Follow us on Facebook @ ‘MFLN Family Transitions’ and on Twitter @ ‘MFLT FT’.

Sara Croymans, Extension Educator, serves as PI for the Family Transitions Concentration Area. Anita Hering and Amy Majerle work with the social media components of the project. Additional team members include Extension Educators Ellie McCann and Mary Jo Katras, and Karen Shirer, Extension Center for Family Development Associate Dean.

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