Johnston visits MAFIC in Beijing

November 2, 2017

Johnston to BeijingDr. Lee Johnston spent two weeks at the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center (MAFIC) in Beijing China during late September.  Lee was invited by the Director of MAFIC, Dr. Defa Li, to go to Beijing to work with their graduate students and faculty on editing and advancing papers for scientific publication. 

During his visit, Dr. Xiaojing Li visited to catch up with Lee and her M.S. supervisor at MAFIC, Dr. Xiangshu Piao.  Xiaojing earned her PhD. in our department in 2013 advised by Lee and co-advised by Jerry Shurson.  Dr. Li is currently Director of China Joint Venture operations for JBS United, a feed company in Sheridan, IN.  Xiaojing said she enjoyed having dinner with her “academic mother and father!”  

Left to right: Dr. Hongyu Zhang, COFCO Biotech (MAFIC graduate); Dr. Lee Johnston, Dr. Xiaojing Li, JBS United; Dr. Xiangshu Piao, MAFIC Professor; Shenfei Long, MAFIC M.S. Student