Preparing Youth to Thrive: Promising practices in social and emotional learning

Carrie Ann Olson, Extension Educator

youth thriveSocial and emotional skills are important tools for navigating life (Larson & Tran, 2014).  The whole social and emotional learner—includes the attitudes, skills, and behaviors that exist within a person and the ways one interacts between the three layers of identity, awareness, and navigation and the three dimensions—ways of feeling, ways of relating to others, and ways of doing.  Please join me in participating in an upcoming public symposium that will explore “Promising Practices in Social and Emotional Learning” on April 6th with Gina McGovern and Haviland Rummel and featuring panelists Poppy Potter of Voyageur Outward Bound School and Paul Griffin of The Possibility Project.  You can join discussion on April 6, 2016 from 9 a.m. - 12 noon, in person at McNamara Alumni Center, Minneapolis or you can join me for a live broadcast at the West Central Research and Outreach Center.

What happens when research questions shift from measuring and replicating program outcomes to distilling and disseminating effective program practice? The SEL Challenge was a collaboration between Susan Crown Exchange (SCE), staff teams from eight exemplary youth programs, the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, and technical consultants.

This learning community agreed upon a subset of SEL skills that are observable and relevant, developed practical measures and practice standards to promote them, and created a theory to support the infusion of these practices across programs regardless of content. The resulting field guide shares best practices and collective expertise for equipping youth with the social emotional skills they need to thrive. Come learn more about this innovative project, the six social emotional domains highlighted, and engage in a hands-on activity to assess SEL practices and be more intentional about social and emotional skill building in your program.

Contact me at to watch the broadcast in Morris, or register to attend in person.

Also attend "Push your Practice: Social and Emotional Learning" on April 7 at UROC in North Minneapolis.

This symposium is a part of the three-year social and emotional learning symposium series and is sponsored by the Minnesota 4-H Foundation’s Howland Family Endowment for Youth Leadership Development and co-sponsored by Youthprise and SCE.

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