Dairy Outreach

Information for producers, farmers, other researchers, and students.  View posters, webinars, and articles relevant to producer questions and industry challenges.

Crossbreeding and Genetics

Breeding for A2 Milk

Crossbreeding dairy with beef bulls (video presentation)

What 1960's Holstein genetics look like today

Crossbreeding for the future of profitability of dairying

Three-Breed Crossbreeding at the U of MN

Genetics for a Grazing Herd (Progressive Dairyman)

Breeding considerations for organic dairy farms

Breeding and Genetics: Considerations for Organic Dairy Farms (YouTube)

Dairy Calves

Disbudding Dairy Calves

Starter intake drives calf gains

Automated Calf Feeder

Group feeding dairy calves

Feeding kelp to organic dairy calves

Dairy Steers

Feeding Dairy Steers on Pasture, Grain, or No-Grain

Effect of growth, meat quality, profitability, and consumer acceptability of organically raised dairy-beef steers (YouTube)

Fly Control

Effects of Flies on Dairy Cattle Welfare and Productivity 

Unique fly control methods for organic dairy farms (Webinar, March 2016)

Fly control for grazing and organic dairies


Outwintering dairy cattle in 2019 (AgweekTV) 

Outwintering the dairy herd

An alternative to indoor housing (Dairy Star)

Considerations for Out-Wintering the Organic Dairy Herd (Webinar)

Out-wintering does not mean forstbitten teats

Pasture and Forages

Grazing Kernza (Farm & Ranch Guide)

Forage-based diets produce nutritionally enhanced milk

Seasonal Forage Quality Changes and Growth of Cattle Grazing Cover Crops

eOrganics Webinar on Organic Grazing (February 2016)

Fodder Factsheet

Feeding fodder to dairy cows - a look at the production system

Farmers, experts examine value of sprouted fodder systems

Evaluation of feeding hydroponic barley fodder to organic dairy cattle

Supplementation for the Grazing Cow

Pasture, Grain, or No Grain?

Less organic grain equals more profit (PDF)

Evaluation of Cover Crops for Grazing Systems

Precision Technology

Monitoring grazing behavior

Pasture-based dairy cattle have daily schedules too! (Rumiwatch halter system)

Can custom heat detectors benefit your farm?

Estrus detection using activity and rumination systems

Estimating pasture forage mass for pasture-based dairies 

Rumination sensors in an organic grazing system (poster presented in Holland, June 2016)


MOSES Organic Farm Conference 2019 poster (PDF)

MOSES Organic Farm Conference 2017 poster (PDF):

MOSES Organic Farm Conference 2016 posters (PDF):

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Hands-on learning opportunities and internships exist for both undergrad and graduate students.  Students assist us with animal care and data collection for our research projects.  Current graduate students working with the WCROC dairy include:

  • Glenda Pereira
  • Hannah Phillips
  • Kirsten Sharpe

Inquire about student learning opportunities by contacting Brad Heins at hein006@umn.edu