By Land & By Sea: New Non-Native Species Guide for Minnesota

Amy Rager, Extension Educator, Fish Wildlife, & Conservation Education

February 2019

By Land & By SeaNon-native species and invasive species are important to be able to recognize in the natural landscape. This new field guide will help you figure out what that plant or animal is. Each species contained in the guide has full color photos. Master Naturalist volunteers were asked to go out and find the species on the list for the book, take photos and then to contribute them to the publication. Crowd sourcing photos is a new and innovative way of collecting high quality photos, and engaging volunteers in a project has proven to be successful! Over 40 individuals contributed pictures to the guide. The value of the photos received is over $9000.

This guide book contains a collection of 86 aquatic and terrestrial non-native species to help provide early detection for potentially invasive species. Each description includes a photo, key identification traits, and regulatory status.

Books are available at the University of Minnesota Bookstore for $19.99. Order your copy.

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