Each year, the Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS) honors individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to horticulture and greening efforts in public gardens and community projects.  Steve Poppe, Sr Horticulturist at the WCROC was selected as the 2015 recipient of the Bronze Award.

The dairy operation at the WCROC milks 250 cows twice daily and is representative of a mid-size Minnesota dairy farm. The goal of our project is to increase renewable electric energy generation on Minnesota dairy farms by establishing a "net-zero" energy milking parlor.

Controlling pesky flies is a challenge for any dairy operation, but especially for organic dairies that must do without insecticides.

There are lots of ways to raise pigs and with proper management, nearly all of them can be productive and profitable. Because several packers have resolved to move away from individual gestation stalls, some producers are building new facilities with group housing for sows.


November 25, 2015

Temp High (F) Temp Low (F) Precipitation (in.) Snow (in.)
42 28 0
Soil Temp - 2" Max Soil Temp - 2" Min Soil Temp - 4" Max Soil Temp - 4" Min
33 30 33 26