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West Central Research and Outreach Center
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Children's Garden

Within the Children's Garden, there are several individual gardens and activities to explore and enjoy.  We invite you to come and learn more about how to grow plants, and the important role plants play in our daily lives.  The Children's Garden is located within the Horticulture Display Garden at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC).

Bird Garden

A trellis and seated arbor allow visitors the opportunity to sit quietly and observe bird activity in the Garden.  Trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers provide shelter and food for nearby birds.

WCROC-childrens garden-buttery photoButterfly Garden

Children love to crawl through our vine covered tunnel that simulates a butterfly chrysalis.  The Butterfly Garden features plants that attract butterflies. 

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is planted in a semi-circle shape, allowing visitors to touch, smell, see, hear and taste their way around. A variety of plants and flowers, all which are safe to touch and smell, are used to create a unique sensory experience.

Pizza Garden 

Made in the shape of a Pizza, our Pizza Garden highlights agricultural ingredients needed to make pizza. Some ingredients are used directly in pizza, such as basil, tomatoes and onions, while others are consumed by dairy, beef and swine in the production of cheese and meat.

Vegetable Demonstration Garden

Our vegetable garden showcases a variety of vegetables for homeowners, and gives children an idea of where their food comes from. Vegetables are labeled, and signage provides informational tips on how to grow.

WCROC-childrens garden-backpack shack photoBackpack Shack

Within the windows of the Backpack Shack is an education display. Hanging out the Shack are three backpacks, each one containing an interactive self-guided lesson plan and/or activity, perfect for visiting families or class visits. 

  Other Attractions:

  • Playground structure with a sandbox, twirly slide, hanging bridge, gazebo and handicap accessible deck.
  • An 18-foot teepee with climbing vines (of course kids can go in it!)
  • A spitting frogs pond - as kids spin the merry-go-round gate, water shoots out of the frogs mouths.
  • Four giant vegetable cut-outs are perfect to peek through and make for a great photo opportunity.
  • A painted checkerboard on top of a large stump table, with two stump chairs, located in the shade.
  • Picnic tables, benches, portable restroom and hand washing station.

      WCROC-childrens garden-teepee photo

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For Educators

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WCROC-childrens garden-veggie cut out photo





Cut-outs of a broccoli, carrot, tomato and corn provide fun photo opportunities!



WCROC-childrens garden-sensory garden photo The Sensory Garden offers something for the young and young at heart.  Conveniently located near the Play Structure.





The play structure provides hours of entertainment!