Throughout the year, we welcome the time and talents of several undergrad and graduate students to assist us with our various research projects.  While most of our internship opportunities are available during the summer months (May/June - August/September), several positions may be available into the school year.  Please contact us for employment and internship opportunities.

In 2016, the WCROC welcomed:


  • Glenda Pereira, Graduate Student
  • Hannah Phillips, Graduate Student
  • Kathryn Ruh, Graduate Student
  • Savanna Christensen
  • Brynn Gellner
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Grace Kopitzke
  • Megan Wallace


  • Jordan Dahle, Low Tunnel Strawberry Intern
  • Andrew Lindor, High Tunnel Assistant
  • Natasha Blomberg
  • Samantha Brinkman
  • Alex Feuchtenberger
  • Maeve Maron
  • Ben Mladenich
  • Andrew Riestenberg

Maintenance & Plots

  • Seth Staples
  • Blake Trygestad
  • Karson Zych

Renewable Energy

  • Adriana Alvarez De la Hoz, Graduate Student
  • Rachael Acevedo
  • Theo Buysse
  • Fletcher Gilbertson
  • Hannah Geomann
  • Tomas Gonda
  • John Haseman
  • Justin Miller
  • Meng Xiong


  • Abby Mallek
  • Megan Schultz

Student Spotlight: Julia

Julia Holen has always had an interest in swine production, but it wasn't until her U of MN internship that she became particularly interested in swine nutrition.  While working with Lee Johnston at the WCROC, Julia was able to experience multiple and diverse aspects within swine production.  She is now embarking on her graduate studies in swine nutrition at the U.  Read more

Student Spotlight: Kathryn

Grazing cattle and group-housed calves is what attracted graduate student Kathryn Ruh to the U of MN WCROC.  While under the direction of Brad Heins, Kathryn has been comparing two different grazing systems using cool and warm season grasses for organic dairy cattle.  Read more.      

Student Spotlight: Adriana

Adriana Alvarez De la Hoz is pursuing her PhD in Bioproducts and Biosystems Science from the U of MN.  She is currently working with Rob Gardner on applications of microalgae in agriculture and the environment.  Read more.