We work with farmers, rural leaders, faculty from throughout the University of Minnesota system, other professionals from industry and academia, and citizens to provide research and educational programming. Working with these many partners is our greatest strength. These partnerships keep us connected to the varied and changing needs of the producers and citizens of Minnesota.

Faculty and staff at the WCROC develop solutions to real-world challenges, and then share with local and global communities. Our primary research areas include agronomy and soil science; dairy; horticulture; renewable energy; and swine.

Research based at the WCROC focuses on:


The WCROC serves as a research site for a diverse range of agriculture projects:

  • Conventional and organic agriculture
  • Corn and soybean production
  • High and low tunnel systems for fruit and vegetable production
  • Native pollinator habitat restoration
  • Water quality
  • Microbes and biomass
  • Renewable energy systems for agriculture production

To request a project at the WCROC, please contact Director of Operations, Mike Reese.