Pomme de Terre Overlook


Pomme de Terre OverlookThe West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) completed the construction of the Pomme de Terre Overlook in September 2008.  The Overlook is built on a bluff overlooking the Pomme de Terre River Valley at the western end of the Horticulture Display Garden. This 15-acre area offers a prairie landscape where gardeners and students can learn and share ideas about plants and the environment. The design and development of the overlook was a collaborative effort between an architect, landscape designer, horticulture advisory board, WCROC staff and, most important, donors.


The Pomme de Terre Overlook serves three main purposes:

  • To interpret the connection between horticulture, environment, agriculture, energy, prairie and rivers of west central Minnesota
  • To offer a trail system that integrates visitors with the horticulture educational gardens and the city of Morris' biking/walking trail
  • Provides a connection between the WCROC agriculture, horticulture and renewable energy research and the neighboring natural resources including the Pomme de Terre River

General Features

WCROC Pomme de Terre Overlook

  • Shaded structure with appropriate hard surfaces, seating, plant materials and designed in harmony with existing prairie landscape
  • Built on the west end of the Horticulture Display Garden on a bluff overlooking the Pomme de Terre River Valley
  • Interpretive signs displayed in various themed areas throughout this garden area
  • Connects to a biking/walking trail
  • Easy access to nearby parking lot