Pomme de Terre Overlook


The West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) completed the construction of the Pomme de Terre Overlook in September 2008.  The Overlook is built on a bluff overlooking the Pomme de Terre River Valley at the western end of the Horticulture Display Garden. This 15-acre area offers a prairie landscape where gardeners and students can learn and share ideas about plants and the environment. The design and development of the overlook was a collaborative effort between an architect, landscape designer, horticulture advisory board, WCROC staff and, most important, donors.


The Pomme de Terre Overlook serves three main purposes:

  • To interpret the connection between horticulture, environment, agriculture, energy, prairie and rivers of west central Minnesota
  • To offer a trail system that integrates visitors with the horticulture educational gardens and the city of Morris' biking/walking trail
  • Provides a connection between the WCROC agriculture, horticulture and renewable energy research and the neighboring natural resources including the Pomme de Terre River