Agriculture in Minnesota is quite diverse. The West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) responds to this diversity by addressing topics and issues related to the broad range of agricultural systems in the region.

Our location, facilities, and outstanding faculty allow us to be national leaders in evaluating the production and economic strengths and weaknesses of both conventional and alternative swine and dairy production systems, as well as a global leader in renewable energy. The WCROC also has highly regarded crop production and horticultural programs that focus on emerging needs and issues.

Achieving high-quality outcomes requires funding, and there are many ways to offer support for the WCROC. Major and Legacy Gifts make a long-term impact on ensuring our excellence in applied agriculture research for generations to come. Planned Giving Gifts name the WCROC (or one of our program areas) as a benefactor from future estate gifts. Donations to our individual program areas will help us continue to shape the agricultural landscape in Minnesota.

Opportunities for Support

WCROC Development Fund - Gifts to our general fund may support new equipment in order to feed our animals and tend to our fields, or general maintenance needs of our various facilities.

Agronomy & Soil Science - Our agronomy and soil science efforts focus on conducting and cooperating in University-led applied research on plant and soil management systems that protect our environment and increase producer profitability. Donations to our agronomy and soil science program ensures we have access to the latest technologies and equipment for conducting research protocols. Learn more about agronomy and soil science research at the WCROC.

Organic Dairy at the WCROC - As the first land grant institution in the Midwest to develop an organic dairy herd dedicated to research and education, the WCROC is the only university-sanctioned operation to raise conventional and organic dairies side-by-side. Gifts to the Organic Dairy fund support our organic dairy herd and research in the areas of organic grazing, herd health and management, and forages and feed. Learn more about the dairy program at the WCROC.

Renewable Energy Initiatives at the WCROC - One of the goals of the renewable energy program at the WCROC is to increase utilization of renewable energy technologies and methods for production agriculture, which not only benefits the Upper Midwest, but producers across the nation. Gifts to the Renewable Energy Initiatives Fund help us continue to find solutions for reducing fossil fuel consumption in ag production systems. Learn more about renewable energy at the WCROC.

Swine program at the WCROC - Swine research at the WCROC features a unique forum by maintaining both capital-intensive, confinement facilities as well as straw-bedded alternative facilities for rearing swine. Our research includes animal behavior and well-being, swine nutrition, housing systems and energy conservation, all with the goal of providing producers with research-based production and management methods. Gifts to the swine program help us maintain up-to-date facilities and technologies. Learn more about the swine program at the WCROC.

Horticulture Display Garden - One of the largest and most impressive displays of annual flower varieties and cultivars in the Upper Midwest is located at the WCROC in the Horticulture Display Garden. Donations to the Garden help to sustain the Garden in its mission of maintaining a regionally recognized public display garden, providing horticulture education, and offering an inspirational experience for visitors. Learn more about the Horticulture Display Garden at the WCROC.

Give Online

Make a secure gift online to support any of the funds listed above. Simply click the fund name above to access the U of MN Foundation giving page.

Via Mail

Download the donation form (.pdf), enclose your gift and send to:

West Central Research and Outreach Center
ATTN: Heidi Olson-Manska
46352 State Hwy 329
Morris, MN  56267

*Be sure to indicate which program(s) or fund(s) you'd like your gift to support.

Planned Giving

You can decide now to support the WCROC in the future. Planned gifts may take the form of a simple bequest from a will or living trust, the designation of retirement plan assets, or life insurance.


For questions about giving to the WCROC, please contact Mike Reese.