Name Areas of Interest Email
Brad Heins
Professor, Dairy

Organic dairy production, crossbreeding in dairy cattle, calf rearing, precision technology, renewable energy systems for Midwest dairies

[email protected]
Lee Johnston
Professor of Swine Nutrition and Management

Energy and protein nutrition of sows, management of reproducing sows, nutrition/environment interactions, nutrition of newly weaned pigs, feedstuff evaluation, gilt development

[email protected]
Yuzhi Li
Associate Professor, Swine Behavior and Welfare

Animal behavior and welfare, swine housing, and organic swine production

[email protected]


Name Position/title Email Phone
Eric Buchanan Director of Renewable Energy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2111
Joel Ekberg Senior General Mechanic [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2139
Adam Erickson Facilities Manager [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2150
Kelly Erickson Farm Equipment Operator
Roger Gausman Farm Animal Attendant
Adrienne Hilbrands Assistant Scientist, Swine [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2148
Matt Hilbrands Farm Animal Attendant
LeAnn Honzay Farm Animal Attendant
Taylor Hufford Farm Animal Attendant
Darin Huot Assistant Scientist, Dairy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2159
Esther Jordan Communications Specialist, Horticulture Director [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2152
Pete Kennedy Researcher II, Renewable Energy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2154
John Larson Researcher I, Renewable Energy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2154
Cory Marquart Assistant Scientist, Renewable Energy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2155
Rob Nigg Finance Manager [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2166
Kim Oachs Principal Accounts Specialist [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2114
Heidi Olson Manska Executive Office and Administrative Professional [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2130
Michael Reese Green Ammonia Research Lead, WCROC Director of Operations [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2151
Kirsten Sharpe Moser Researcher II, Dairy [email protected]
Mark Smith Livestock Crew Supervisor [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2158
Jill Storck Henrickson Senior Laborer, Dairy
Mat Supan Farm Animal Attendant
Joel Tallaksen Scientist, Renewable Energy [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2113
Ella VanKempen Researcher II, Horticulture [email protected] 320-589-1711 ext. 2138