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Survey: Minnesotans Worried About Climate Change, but Hopeful on Solutions

November 17, 2022

(Public News ServiceIn a survey released this fall by the U of MN, 76% of residents said they're concerned about climate change. "I would say we're responding in practical steps...products need to have lower carbon intensities," said Mike Reese, WCROC Director of Operations.

Could solar panels be integrated into farms instead of taking acreage out of commission?

October 15, 2022

(Star Tribune) The idea [of agrivoltaics] is to place the solar plants of the future in working farmland, generating energy and providing another income stream to farmers. For six years, researchers at the WCROC have been investigating the possible benefits of using solar panels as shade for cows.

Throwing Shade is Solar Energy's New Superpower

October 2, 2022

(Bloomberg News) The farming world is learning how to blend agriculture with renewable energy installations - and gaining on both ends.