Archive: Educational Materials from Events

Welcome to the archive of handouts and presentations from educational events held at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) in Morris. Most materials are posted as PDFs, and videos link to the WCROC YouTube channel. Educational materials will be posted when available

2022 Horticulture Night
Held July 28, 2022

Available handouts include:

2022 Midwest Farm Energy Conference 
Held June 15-16, 2022

Access conference presentations.

Extending the Season with Mums (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held November 17, 2021

The best mums for your landscape, presented by Reba Gilliand, Master Gardener Emeritus from West Otter Tail County. View her power point (.pdf)

Daylilies: Beauty for a Day (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held October 20, 2021

How to select the perfect daylily for your landscape, presented by Master Gardener Sara Thronsedt. View her power point (.pdf)

Garden Tool Talk (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held September 15, 2021

We'll discuss how to properly clean, sharpen and maintain your garden tools and containers. Presented by Karen and Hank Weber. Handouts: How to properly clean your garden tools and pots, clean and sharpen pruners, and maintaining lawn and garden tools.

Backyard Birdhouses (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held June 16, 2021

We'll look at the various specifications of birdhouses for chickadees, wrens, bluebirds, wood ducks and tree swallows. Information also provided on the best location for each type of bird house. Presented by Dr. Margaret Kuchenreuther. View her handout.

Indestructible Houseplants for your Health and Well Being (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held April 21, 2021

Can houseplants really make your environment healthier? Come explore the health benefits of indoor gardening, indestructible plants you can add to your indoor environment, and some easy care tips to keep your plants thriving. Presented by Robin Trott, U of MN Extension Educator. View her presentation (YouTube).

IPM for Vegetables (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held March 17, 2021

Learn how to garden with ecology in mind! We'll discuss how Integrated Pest Management (IPM) applies to gardeners, and how it can be used to manage insects and diseases effectively and responsibly. Presented by Natalie Hoidal, U of MN Extension. View her presentation (YouTube).

Top Performing Annuals (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held February 17, 2021

Now is a great time to begin planning your 2021 annual flower gardens! Join Steve Poppe, Horticulture Scientist at the WCROC, for his top recommendations for annual flowers that do best in our Minnesota climate. View his presentation (YouTube).

The Nutritional World of Edible Beans (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held January 20, 2021

Sara Thronsedt, Master Gardener, presented on a variety of dried edible beans - why they are good for the soil and good for your health. View her presentation (YouTube).

Going No-Till with Your Garden (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held November 18, 2020

Dr. Joe Storlien of St. John's University provided the numerous benefits to going no-till with your garden, including simple steps to making it happen. View his presentation (YouTube).

Additional resources:

Growing Tomatoes Like a Pro (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held September 16, 2020

Tune in with Ryan Pesch, U of MN Extension Educator, for all things tomatoes! He'll cover diseases, trellising, varieties, and how to successfully start tomatoes. View his presentation (YouTube).

Horticulture Night ONLINE
Held July 30, 2020

Take a peek into the backyards of horticulture experts with this virtual learning experience! Presentations include shrubs and perennials for MN gardens, best practices for young trees, a fresh and healthy cooking demo, thriving houseplants, and virtual tours of the Horticulture Display Garden, plus a special welcome from U of MN President Joan Gabel.

Healthy Lawns (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held June 17, 2020

Learn tips and techniques that can help you get the best performance out of your yard while protecting area lakes and streams from pollutants and runoff. Presented by Adam Hjelm, Sauk River Watershed District. View his presentation (YouTube)

The Scoop on Soils: Choosing the Proper Growing Media for Containers (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held February 19, 2020

A discussion of what a high quality growing media consists of, the science behind it, and how to tell the difference between high and low quality products at the store. Tips provided as to how to keep container plants healthy and productive throughout the whole growing season through fertilizing, watering and disease control. Presented by Nate Dalman, Horticulture Researcher at the WCROC. View his presentation (YouTube) and handout (PDF).

Make Your Landscape a Haven for Birds (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held November 20, 2019

Tips for plant selection, landscape design, yard maintenance, and supplemental feeding were all presented by Dr. Margaret Kuchenreuther, biologist at the University of Minnesota Morris. Hand-out (PDF)

What's Happening to our Evergreen Trees? (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held October 16, 2019

What are the best types of trees to plant in the Upper Midwest? Why do some conifers and/or evergreens look like they are dead or sick? Dr. John Ball, Forest Health Specialist with South Dakota State University provides his recommendations and tips for growing healthy conifers. View his presentation (YouTube) and hand-out (PDF).

Fresh Flavors of the Garden: Cooking with Your Produce (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held September 18, 2019

New flavors, ideas and methods to make delicious use of your abundant garden produce. Presented by Mary Jo Forbord, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. Stir Fry Sauces (PDF).

Horticulture Night
Held July 25, 2019

Not all presentations included a handout, but those with a handout, a copy is available below (PDF):

Midwest Farm Energy Conference
Held July 10-11, 2019

Showcasing optimized cost-effective energy systems for dairy, swine, and crop production. View power points and presentations here.

Grafting Apple Trees (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held April 17, 2019

The how, the why, and when to graft. David Vaske, owner and operator of Miltona Greenhouses, talks all things grafting. View his powerpoint (PDF).

Growing Perennial Vegetables (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held March 20, 2019

Perennial vegetables like asparagus and garlic provide delicious, high value rewards with less maintenance during the peak vegetable gardening season. Annie Klodd, U of MN Extension Educator, talks about how to plant, manage, and harvest these unique crops. Watch the video presentation (YouTube). Hand-out (PDF).

Extend the Growing Season with Plastic Culture (Come Grow with Us education series)
Held January 16, 2019

Extend the growing season with the use of plastic mulch, which works best for heat-loving annual vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, peppers, vine crops, and strawberries. Steve Poppe, WCROC Horticulturist, covers water conservation, weed, reduction, biodegradable mulches, how to install a low tunnel, and much more. Watch the video presentation (YouTube)