Organic Swine Field Day

Thursday, May 30, 2024 12 PM - 3:00 PM

West Central Research and Outreach Center

The field day will start with a free lunch and a short seminar, and end with touring organic swine facilities and organic hybrid rye field. 

We will showcase how integrating hybrid rye into organic swine production may help with reducing feed and bedding costs in organic pig production based on data collected at the WCROC over the last two years.

The event is free of charge, but RSVP is requested. 

Tentative Agenda:

12:00    Complimentary lunch

12:30    Welcome
             Organic pig research at WCROC:  How did we get here?  
             Yuzhi Li, Professor of Animal Science

12:40    Growing winter hybrid rye:  Agronomic considerations
             Axel Garcia y Garcia, Assoc. Professor of Agronomy

12:50    Integrating hybrid rye into organic crop rotations, implications for 
             soil carbon and the environment
             Joel Tallaksen, Research Scientist

1:00       Feeding hybrid rye to growing-finishing pigs
              Gabriella Lima, M.S. student

1:10       Effects of hybrid rye on pork quality and consumer eating experience
              Megan Kavanagh, M.S. student

1:20       Is a hybrid rye/pig production system profitable?
              Megan Kavanagh, M.S. student

1:30       Questions and discussion

1:45       Tour organic winter rye production fields
              Axel Garcia y Garcia
              (topics discussed:  crop condition, expected harvest date/yield;
              past yields; past experiences; notable challenges this year; others?) 

2:20       Tour organic swine finishing hoops
              Gabriella and Megan
              (Topics discussed: transition to organic production; housing design, 
              pig health and performance; identification system/demo; feed demo 
              [examples of feed and rye]; lessons learned; others?)

2:50       Return to Ag Country Auditorium

3:00       Adjourn