Harley Hanke honored at Minnesota State Capitol

February 22, 2024

The family of former West Central Research and Outreach Center’s (WCROC) animal scientist, Harley Hanke, was invited to the Minnesota State Capitol for special presentation of a House Resolution honoring Harley’s commitment to agricultural research and education. Harley served as WCROC Animal Scientist from 1956-1986, and also taught at the West Central School of Agriculture. He passed away peacefully at the age of 102 on September 9, 2023.

Rep. Paul Anderson and Sen. Torrey Westrom greeted Harley’s wife Helen, daughter Sarah Libbon, Sarah’s husband Nathan, and their children Drew and Katherine on the floor of the House of Representatives chamber on February 22, 2024.  

“It’s no wonder why the WCROC is such a great research station – because like any building or organization, it needs a strong foundation and Harley helped do that for the WCROC. It’s great to honor such strong leaders in this way,” said Senator Westrom.

Also present were Mike Reese, WCROC Director of Operations, Lee Johnston, Professor of Animal Science, and Joleen Hadrich, Associate Dean within CFANS. 

“You can’t go anywhere in Morris without hearing about Harley, his family, and the impact he had on agriculture,” stated Mike Reese.