Eric Buchanan

Eric Buchanan
Director of Renewable Energy

46352 State Hwy 329
Morris, MN 56267
United States


Mr. Buchanan conducts applied research on small-scale renewable energy systems focusing on their integration into agricultural systems. His research covers many forms of renewable energy including solar PV, solar thermal, thermal storage, wind, heat pumps, hydrogen fuel cells, and renewable ammonia production.

Current work is focused on using solar powered robotic vehicles in agricultural weeding applications. His outreach efforts are aimed at making the technical aspects of energy systems easy to understand and available to anyone who is interested.

Areas of Interest

  • Small scale renewable energy systems
  • Energy efficient systems in agriculture
  • Robotic weeding systems

Select Publications

  • WREF 2012: Early Results from a Solar Thermal Air Conditioning and Heating System
  • WCROC Solar Energy Guidebook: small-scale renewable energy systems for homes and businesses